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Review: DUO Releases Third CD - REFLECTIVE,
Beach Metro News, Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Margot Rydall and Ivan Zilman who make up the performing group DUO, have just released their third CD. Called Reflective, the CD is a 16-piece collection of beautifully arranged and played flute and guitar music by these exceptional local musicians.

Zilman (guitar) has arranged a wide variety of musical styles – from J. S. Bach to Chick Corea, Beethoven to Gershwin, and Handel to Randy Newman – to challenge the flute talents of Rydall. It’s a challenge she rises to with consummate skill and talent, whether dipping and diving skilfully and accurately through Chopin’s famous Minute Waltz, or artfully interpreting the jazz lines of Charles Mingus’ Goodbye Pork Pie Hat. And Zilman’s guitar strikes the perfect balance, filling out the music with a simple minimalism.

The two, as they say, make beautiful music together!

Concert, Monday, September 22, 2003,
Barrie Examiner, September 23, 2003

Musicians Ivan Zilman and Margot Rydall managed to capture the hearts of classical music lovers during Monday's concert at the Trinity Anglican Church.

The concert was just one of many special events being held during the Colours of Music festival in Barrie this week.

(Photo: Mark Wanzel)

Review: CDs New and Noteworthy: COLLABYRINTH - DUO,
Ensembles Canada, Volume 5, No. 1, Winter, 2001

Toronto based DUO partners Margot Rydall, flute, and Ivan Zilman, guitar, collaborate on their second recording. Here they display their gift for imaginative cross-over programming that includes works by De Falla, J.S. Bach, Mussorgsky, Stravinsky and Scriabin, as well as jazz numbers by Bill Evans, Clifford Brown and Joe Zawinul.

This is a delightful recording that communicates tenderly.

Review: Collabyrinth - Second for Duo, By Bill MacLean
Beach Metro News, Tuesday, November 7, 2000

Margot Rydall and Ivan Zilman whose flute and guitar pairing they call DUO, have released their second CD. Called Collabyrinth, It is an interesting mix of music ranging from the Spanish stylings of Manuel De Falla, through J.S. Bach, Mussorgsky, Stravinsky and Scriabin, to the Jazz sounds of Bill Evans, Clifford Brown and... (continued)

Review: Duo - Eye on the Arts, By Bill Gladstone
The Canadian Jewish News - May 14, 1998

Together known as DUO, Zilman and Rydall play a refreshing mix of classical and contemporary jazz. Judging by the selections on this CD, their taste in music is as impeccable as their playing. DUO treats listeners to well-chosen pieces by Frescobaldi, Debussy, Ravel, Bartok as well as Richard Rogers and jazz composers Thelonious Monk and.... (continued)

Review: Duo - Centre Stage, By Bill Maclean
Beach Metro News -Tuesday, November 2, 1999

Last issue we reported a story about a flute/guitar duo called, appropriately, DUO, who survived and performed in earthquake-torn Taipei. They have recently returned and released a new, self-titled CD.... (continued)

HMV's guide to the world of Independent Music - Volume 6 by Ange Lattanzio


Toronto based musicians Margot Rydall and Ivan Zilman will send you on a trip around the world with their latest CD, DUO. These arrangements for flute and guitar begin in 16th Century Italy...(continued)

Musicians in Our Midst

About DUO: Interview by Allan Pulker, Publisher: Wholenote -July 1 - September 6 1999

Flutist Margot Rydall first heard guitarist Ivan Zilman play at a concert three years ago. His sound, unlike that of any other guitarists she had worked with, was big enough to balance the sound of a flute. She proposed that they work together and the result has been successful, not only as a performing and recording ensemble, but also as a generator of new repertoire...(continued)

Musicians play amid rubble of Taiwan By Stephanie Waddell

The MIRROR, Friday, October 8, 1999

Flute and guitar ensemble shaken but otherwise OK following ordeal.

Flute/guitar ensemble DUO are still feeling the tremors of the earthquake in Taiwan last month - and their generosity is creating tremors as well.
DUO, or Margot Rydall, of the Beach, and Ivan Zilman of Scarborough, arrived home last week after not only living through the devastating Taiwan earthquake, but also staying long enough to do a benefit concert...(continued)

Musicians Help Out in Taiwan By Bill Gladstone

The Canadian Jewish News - Eye on Arts
Friday, October 28, 1999

Margot Rydall and Ivan Zilman, the Toronto-based flautist and guitarist of the musical ensemble DUO were on a concert tour of Taiwan when a large earthquake struck the island on Sept. 21.
In the following turmoil, telephone and fax lines were disrupted, but Rydall and Zilman were able to set up a benefit performance...(continued)

DUO's trip had a 'whole lotta shaking going on' By Bill McLean

Beach Metro News
Tuesday October 19, 1999

When Ivan Zilman and his partner Margot Rydall left for their concert tour to Taiwan in September, they thought they were off to have "an adventure in China." Little did they know how much of an adventure they were embarking on. On September 21 the two members of the guitar/flute ensemble called DUO got caught up in the largest earthquake to hit the island this century...(continued)


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